Resident Information

Pool & Clubhouse

Hours: 8 PM - 11 PM

Who's Welcome: Resident & Resident Guests

Reference Documents

*Northland Cable Phone: (877) 270-8648


*Northland will set up an account in tenants name if they choice to upgrade.

Upgrade your options! (Current Speed is 100 Mbps)

   - Upgrade to 250 Mbps, you pay $10/mo

   - Upgrade to 500 Mbps, you pay $20/mo

   - Upgrade to 1 Gig, you pay $30/mo

   - Upgrade to Home Phone, you pay $15/mo

Address: 9A Boardwalk Pl, Seneca, SC 29678

*Duke Energy Phone: (800) 777-9898

*Reservation requests will be redirected to Crawford Falls Owners Association Foothills at (864) 644-1000

*For maintenance requests, contact the property manager of your individual condo.

Death Valley Towing (864) 985-0505


Address: 926 Shiloh Rd. Seneca, SC 29678​​


*Each condo  has 1 parking space per bedroom. Vehicle info. is required for all vehicles.