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Resident Information


Pool & Clubhouse

Hours: 8 PM - 11 PM

Who's Welcome: Resident & Resident Guests

Reference Documents

*Northland Cable Phone: (877) 270-8648


*Northland will set up an account in tenants name if they choice to upgrade.

Upgrade your options! (Current Speed is 100 Mbps)

   - Upgrade to 250 Mbps, you pay $10/mo

   - Upgrade to 500 Mbps, you pay $20/mo

   - Upgrade to 1 Gig, you pay $30/mo

   - Upgrade to Home Phone, you pay $15/mo

Address: 9A Boardwalk Pl, Seneca, SC 29678

*Duke Energy Phone: (800) 777-9898

*Reservation requests will be redirected to Crawford Falls Owners Association Foothills at (864) 644-1000

*For maintenance requests, contact the property manager of your individual condo.

Death Valley Towing (864) 985-0505


Address: 926 Shiloh Rd. Seneca, SC 29678​​


*Each condo  has 1 parking space per bedroom. Vehicle info. is required for all vehicles.

Your local team here at Vyve understands that this time of the year is extremely busy for you and your residents. We want to assist by ensuring that you have the proper information to provide residents who may be experiencing service-related issues, needing assistance with passwords, or would like to take advantage of faster speeds! The information listed below will assist with expediting the process for your tenants:

  • For the fastest resolution and also to ask about our faster speed options, residents can call the MDU Dedicated Bulk Phone Number for assistance: 877-270-8648

  • This link can be emailed to the residents. This link will allow them to submit the issue or request. It captures all of the information needed for Support to reach out and assist the resident.

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